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Decentralized Asset Financing

What is Tinlake?

Tinlake allows Asset Originators to finance their assets and Investors to invest in them, all without the trust of a middleman or relying on a single-point-of-failure. Asset Originators can make use of financial tools that are usually only reserved for big corporations: securitizations. The protocol coordinates the various parties required to structure, administer, and finance collateralized pools of assets categorized by type and risk (IE invoices, mortgages, auto loans, or royalties). By simplifying the process and reducing costs, Tinlake’s protocol creates financing flexibility for Asset Originators, allowing them to optimize risk allocation and access instant funding from DeFi or their traditional investors…

Your Decentralized Line of Credit

At any given moment, $30 Trillion is locked up in invoices and other non liquid assets. Asset Originators are businesses that help companies and individuals access this liquidity.

Together with DeFi, Centrifuge helps make these illiquid assets accessible…



The Blockchain may Replace your Computer Sooner than you Think

We’ve all been there; emailing a document to ourselves so that we can open it at work, bringing our own laptop somewhere because we need access to a specific program, or having to remember 15 different passwords when we are using someone else’s device. These common problems all share the same denominator; localized computers. There are plenty of services available that alleviate some of these issues, but none of them come close to actually solving the greater problem of seamless integration. Our digital lives are too segmented. We use multiple services in conjunction to accomplish single tasks, but it may be that blockchain technology contains the key to combining all of these separate parts into one service…



The Future of Blockchain for DEFI – An Interview with ONFO’s Co-Founder

All this DeFi craze started with Compound projects introducing a community governance token. As part of a project that relies entirely on people’s social networks to distribute your tokens, what’s your opinion on governance tokens?

Governance tokens are certainly becoming very important and they seem to be a great way to introduce skeptics into cryptocurrency. I believe many of the tokens still suffer from the same difficulties we have been trying to mitigate in terms of usability for the common person. Many DeFi projects still feel very technical in nature to average citizens. If we could see a mainstream governance token take hold and grow virally, it would be huge. At ONFO, we have always believed in bringing a simpler token to the masses, so we naturally feel strongly about how downtrodden and struggling individuals throughout the world are best encouraged to dive into decentralized currency…