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Run Your Own Blockchain Node at Home: 5 Solutions Compared

We wanted to take a moment to have a close look at what a Node actually does and how users could run one today. More importantly, we will also dive into whether HTC’ announcement is simply marketing or if it indeed can have a substantial impact on the adoption of blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies.

First things first, what does a node do in blockchain? Put simply, Bitcoin evangelist Andreas Antonopolous explains it well:

“A node is a computer that is participating in the global peer-to-peer Bitcoin network. They propagate transactions and blocks everywhere. Full nodes act independently as authoritative verifiers. [Why] would you run one? To be in control of your money — your keys, your money. You don’t trust anyone else to tell you what the truth is, you cross-check every claim yourself. Be part of the revolution in money.”

In the future one will be able to do this from their HTC, but what are the requirements and does it make sense to run a node from a smartphone?